About Us

Our family consists of my husband Martin, me and our 5 dogs. Our pack counts four Australian Kelpies and one Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. Our house and property near to the woods, belongs to Weißkollm, a little village in the middle of the Upper Lusatia Heath and Pond Landscape in the east of Saxony in Germany.


First and foremost our dogs are much valued family members, which live with us in our house and are part of our everyday life. Next to daily walks out in the fields and woods, all of our dogs are trained and worked, while taking into account their breed, age, temperament, their ability and individual preference, in different dogsports.


We are more "dog owners and dogsport people" than "breeder" and we turn our attention more to "quality not quantity". Because of that we're only planning few exclusive litters.


Free Flying Foxes is a small but nice breeder with the intention to breed healthy, even-tempered, full of spirits and typical for the breed Australian Kelpies in all conscience and to place them in responsible and competent new homes.


Stefanie & Martin Schulze