A's Speedy Squirrel of Free Flying Foxes

* 26.10.2018 | Breeding Bitch

Name Fizzel

Registration FCI Pedigree

IC | AVK 1,56% | 87,10% (5 generations)

Sex Female ♀

Colour Red and Tan

Height 46cm

Weight 12kg 

Bite Full Dentition Scissors Bite

Hips HD A1 (GRSK e.V. 2021)

Elbows ED 0 (GRSK e.V. 2021)

Eyes Free (DOK 2021)

Heart n.a.

ILM ILM/n (Carrier) (Dog Breeding Science 2021)

Dilute D/D (No Carrier) (results by parents)

DNA-Fingerprint Yes (Laboklin 2021)

Breeding Approval Unrestricted (VDH 2021)

Show n.a.

Sport BH, Agility LA3


An easy-going female with high prey drive, which could be controlled very well in any situation and showing off her big working attitude at all times. Reserved but always friendly behaviour towards foreign people.