Flic Flac Devil of Highland

Kopets Red and Tan Darwin X Busy Bee Bee Devil of Highland

* 07.09.2013 | Stud Dog

Name Wokkel

Registration FCI Pedigree

IC | AVK 1,56% | 83,87% (5 generations)

Sex Male ♂

Colour Chocolate

Height 50cm

Weight 18kg

Bite Full Dentition Scissors Bite

Hips HD A1 (GRSK e.V. 2017)

Elbows ED 0 (GRSK e.V. 2017)

Patella Grade 0 (bpt 2019)

Eyes Clear (DOK 2017, 2018, 2020, 2022)

Heart Clear (CC e.V. 2018, 2020) 

ILM ILM/n (Carrier) (Dog Breeding Science 07/2021)

DM N/N (No Carrier) (Laboklin 2022)

Dilute D/D (No Carrier) (Biofocus 2018)

DNA-Fingerprint Yes (Laboklin 2017)

Breeding Approval Unrestricted (VDH 2018)


VV1, V1, Res. CACIB, Res. CAC, BOB, European Junior Winner 2014, German Champion (VDH)

Sport Canicross, Bikejöring, BH, Agility LA2


Very selfconfident male with distinctive will to work, high motivation and strong prey drive. In the house he's calm and people-oriented, outside always alert and could be "switched on" anytime.