Flic Flac Devil of Highland X Action Lady of Schmikes Yard



VDH | FCI Pedigree

IC 1,56% | AVK 87,10% (5 generations)

+++ All puppies of the A-Litter are sold! +++

Our A-Litter of Australian Kelpie Kennel of Free Flying Foxes was born on 26.10.2018. 

There are 4 males and 1 female.

Lille and her puppies are doing fine. 

If you're seriously interested in a puppy out of that combination feel free to Contact us.

Out of that combination we have great hopes of getting high-drive Australian Kelpies with a lighter and more sporty body structure and big will to please and work. Because of their personal skills we prefer to place them in any kind of dogsport homes.


More pictures and informations concerning health tests, show results or sport activities etc. you can find under Our Kelpies and more details on our breeding under Breeding Programme.


Name A's Easy Eagle of Free Flying Foxes

Sex Male

Colour Red 

Height 50cm

Weight 14,5kg

Sport BH, Agility LA2 & Obedience

Owner Susan H. (GER)

Name A's Hunky Hawk of Free Flying Foxes

Sex Male

Colour Chocolate

Height 44cm

Weight 13kg

Sport Rally Obedience & Obedience

Owner Heike J. (GER)

Name A's Oozy Otter of Free Flying Foxes

Sex Male

Colour Red 

Height 42cm

Weight 10,1kg

Sport BH, Agility MA2 & Rally Obedience

Owner Tino O. (GER)

Name A's Witty Wolf of Free Flying Foxes

Sex Male

Colour Red and Tan

Height 51cm

Weight 16kg

Sport Agility & Rally Obedience & Herding

Owner Sarah S. (LUX)

Name A's Speedy Squirrel of Free Flying Foxes

Sex Female

Colour Red and Tan

Height 46cm

Weight 12kg

Sport BH, Agility LA3/IA3

Owner Stefanie Schulze (GER)