B's Lively Lizard of Free Flying Foxes

* 18.05.2021

Name Foxy

Registration FCI Pedigree

IC | AVK 1,56% | 87,10% (5 generations)

Sex Female ♀

Colour Red 

Height 42cm

Weight 10kg

Bite Full Dentition Scissors Bite

Hips n.a.

Elbows n.a.

Eyes n.a.

Heart n.a.

ILM ILM/ILM (Double Carrier) (Dog Breeding Science 12/2021)

Dilute D/D (No Carrier by parentage)

DNA-Fingerprint No

Breeding Approval No

Show No

Sport BH, Agility MA0


Female with very high prey drive and excellent working abilities. Always curious and friendly in new situations. Very strong personality in interaction with other dogs.