Action Lady of Schmikes Yard

Evallens Red & Tan Knick-Knack X Garra Xapatán

* 01.05.2014 | Breeding Bitch

Name Lille

Registration FCI Pedigree

IC | AVK 0,59% | 91,94% (5 generations)

Sex Female ♀

Colour Red

Height 44cm

Weight 12kg

Bite Full Dentition Scissors Bite

Hips HD A1 (GRSK e.V. 2017)

Elbows ED 0 (GRSK e.V. 2017)

Eyes Clear (DOK 2017, 2020)

Heart Clear (CC e.V. 2017, 2020) 

ILM ILM/n (Carrier) (Dog Breeding Science 12/2021)

Dilute D/D (No Carrier) (Biofocus 2018)

DNA-Fingerprint Yes (Laboklin 2017)

Breeding Approval Unrestricted (VDH 2017)


VV1, V1, CAC, Best Young Dog, BOS, German Junior Winner 2015 

Sport BH, Agility LA3/IA3


Extremely friendly female with great working abilities, high motivation, but always manageable and very easy to handle.  She's most people-oriented and loyal.